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Hi! I’m Ismi,

An employee & blogger 

Well, I’m someone who love traveling, I love going everywhere. My dream is exploring around the world from end to end. Such an employee, i have so many things to do in my office then sometimes i feel stressful enough and it’s make me emotional. Even though i get money from there, but i think i should more appreciate myself. Then i choose traveling to make me Happy and killing stress. I love challenging myself also, because I’m easily get bored. I always take my phone and earphone everywhere i go and then i listen to music to prevent bored situation, sometimes i capture the beautiful moment in everywhere i see. That’s the reason why i wanna exploring the world, to kill my time and make better feeling.

I love listening to music and I’m a couch potato. I can spend my time just to sit and watch the movie all day. If i get bored, i do cooking and blogging. I’m not a kind of women who waste my money for shopping some clothes, bags or even just buy a cup of coffee in the cafe. I always spend my money for buying a ticket for traveling. My favorite places when i traveling are beach and theme park. I have a bucket list for going to all Disneyland and Universal Studios in all around the world.

Food is a thing who makes me feel alive. Maybe is the reason why i can’t be slim because i can’t stop chewing my food. I love a lot of food, but don’t ever give me eggplant and wasabi because i really hate that. When i feel sad, ice cream or chocolate sometimes make me better, but My husband and My Dog, Jingga will make me feel more comfortable. I don’t need tissue or sniffer , i just need a hug if I’m crying.

I want people inspired by me. Sometimes i wanna be a motivator, but i know it’s not kind of me. I just wanna share some good things and being a positive vibe for you who read my blog. I just wanna keep blogging for sharing my experiences to you, not only just make a story but also make some tips and tricks for you.

Cheers To You, Fellas ^_^

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