To My Love

Dear my love,

It’s been along time since i saw you. Maybe it’s been forever i’m waiting you here. I don’t know what i do, i just want to make sure that you’ll be back again to me.

Oh my love, do you wanna tell me something when you ride that horse? I think there’re a lot of people saw a king, weren’t they? Yes of course they did. Coz u are a king in my life who make me complete in everything, no less.

Dear my love,i’ve been sick in this century. I don’t know why people always making revenge for satisfy them, more of stupid boys around and face it everything like a kid, and more of girls make a stupid mistake in their life of caring someone who doesn’t deserve.

And oh my love, some people have higher relationship when someone feel like a setler. I hope there’s no reacher in every relationship. I hate to see a setler, they feel like an important person in their relationship and make everything right by themseleves. You know my love, yesterday i was mad to my friend because he did a stupid things ever. He didn’t believe of a love, he just believed of a girl who could satisfied him by cried, discord and made that girl was chaos. I really wanna punch his stupid face and sure, i did!

You know my love, i really wanna see this world full a man like you. Who understand a girl, sow her with love, caring a girl like antivirus and make a girl complete. I’m so glad to be a part of your heart, my love. Coz you are the person what i’ve been looking for.

I don’t need a handsome one, i just need a complete one. It’s you my love, my compeleted one. I don’t know if i could deserve this or not, but God sent you to me. We’re a doubler not a dahmer.

Thanks for complete me, my love..


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