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Playing in Disneyland JAPAN without queuing all day

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Theme Park is a place for you to released stress, sad and mad. Because, It will provide you a lot of happiness. One of the most favourite Theme Park in the world is Disneyland. I wanna visit Disneyland since i was a kid, Now I’m so blessed that my dream came true! I went to Disneyland Japan for the first time in January. It was so amazing when i went there, so i can meet all my favourite’s Disney’s Character.

Me and Disney's Character, Pluto

Taking Picture With Pluto

If you planning to go to Disney Resort , there are two options for you. There are Disneyland or Disneysea. You can choose one of them or both of them but, you should consider the time first. When i went to Disney Resort, I just visited Disneyland because i really wanna see Winnie The Pooh. I’m a huge fans of Winne The Pooh Character. Now, I feel upset because i didn’t visit Disneysea which is only available in Japan. So, for you who wanna go to Disney Resort Japan,i suggest you to go to Disneysea also. Some people told me that Disneysea is more beautiful than Disneyland.


When i decided to Disneyland, i bought the ticket from HIS Travel Bandung. You can buy the ticket from all travel agency who provide the ticket or you can buy online in and . So, if you don’t have time for going to travel agency, you can buy online in the website that i mentioned. The ticket price in HIS Travel was 7,600Yen (Rp.957,000) it is in Yen Currency, so if you buy the ticket the price should be calculated to Rupiah’s. So, i think the price will be different from me because the currency will follow exchange rate of Yen to Rupiah. It’s good for you, to check the exchange rate first. But if you choose , the price doesn’t need calculated from yen to Rupiah, it has been in Rupiah.


Like i said before, Disney Resort have two options for you to choose. They are Disneyland and Disneysea. If you wanna go to Disneyland or Disneysea, you can buy 1 Day Pass Ticket of Disneyland or Disneysea, but if you wanna spend your time in both of them, you should Buy 2Day Pass Tokyo Disney. You can use 2Day Pass Tokyo Disney in a different day, these tickets are able to use in Disneyland and Disneysea .


Have you done buy a ticket to Disney Resort?

Let’s, Play time!! ^_^

Disney's Character Parade

Disney’s Character Parade

Taking Attraction Ride Pooh’s Hunny Hunt

Congratulation, you have done buy the ticket to Disney Resort. What do you choose? Disneyland or Disney Sea? I’m sorry i can’t tell you about tips playing in Disneysea,because i didn’t get there. Maybe next time, i will. Now, I’m going to tell you about playing in Disneyland without queuing too long .


In Disneyland, you don’t need to buy a Fastpass ticket anymore. Because, once you buy the ticket, the fast pass ticket is included. If you have a Fastpass ticket, you don’t need take a long queue.

How to use it? it’s really simple. So, here’s the step for using Fastpass ticket

  1. Go to the attraction you wanna Play, then you should find the ticket machine

  2. Insert your Ticket QR code into the reader of machine

  3. If the lamp from the machine turns green, pull out your ticket. If you want the same fastpass for another person, you can repeat the process

  4. Check the time. What time you can use your Fastpass. Fastpass has time period (Ex: 11.00 ~ 13.00), you must check the time period. If your usage time is up, your Fastpass become invalid

  5. If you wanna find another attraction with Fastpass again, you should see the time in the below of your Fastpass. If the time said 18.00, so you can using the Fastpass again on 18.00. You won’t be able to get another Fastpass until said time

  6. I recommend you to think which attractions you want to ride before issuing your Fastpass

Note : You cannot issue the Fastpass for multiple attractions at once.

These are attractions ride can Using a Fastpass Ticket:

Disneyland :

  1. Big Thunder Mountain

  2. Splash Mountain

  3. Pooh’s Hunny Hunt

  4. Haunted Mansion

  5. Star Tours : The Adventure Continue

  6. Space Mountain

  7. Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blaster

  8. Monster,Inc. Ride & Go Seek


  1. Tower of Terror

  2. Toy Story Mania

  3. Indiana Jones

  4. Raging Spirit

  5. The Magic Lamp Theater

  6. Mermaid Lagoon theater

  7. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

  8. Journey To The Center Of The Earth

So, for you who plan to Disney Resort Japan, you should check the time first on here. You can see how crowded people on the time you visit. Chirstmas Holiday, New Year Holiday and Golden week it’s usually crowded. Because, even though you can take the Fastpass ticket it doesn’t mean that you can’t queuing short when during the Holiday time. But don’t worry. If you follow my tips, you won’t take a long for queue.

Cheerio ^_^


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