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Belitung Island : One Day Trip Island Hopping

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

It's the first time I came to Belitung, this city was beautiful and peaceful. Belitung is one of small island in Indonesia and it has same size with Bali. Like Bali, Belitung has a beautiful beaches too.

I amazed by the beautiful white sand beaches with granite boulders, I think this is the best scenery you have to see in Belitung.

Belitung is recognized as an UNESCO Global Geopark and it becomes the 6TH place in Indonesia. Previously, Indonesia had successfully registered Kaldera Toba, Batur, Ciletuh, Mount Sewu and Mount Rinjani as UNESCO Global Geopark.


Bangka Belitung island are two islands, there are Bangka and Belitung. Local people called Belitung is "Belitong". This is smaller island of the two and it surrounded by tiny island with beautiful beaches, granite rocks and it becomes the best of island hopping tours.

There are two ways to Belitung, by plane and by boat.

If you come here by plane, you should book a ticket from Soekarno Hatta (Jakarta International Airport) to H.A.S Hananjoeddin, Tanjung Pandan (Belitung Airport) for 1 hour flight.

If you come from Bangka Belitung, you can book a Jetfoil boat this is one of the express boat for 4-6 hour. You need to go to the port by public transportation. You have to checked the schedule first, because the boat doesn't leave in every hour.

During the trip in Belitung quite smooth and there was no traffic jam. Unfortunately, in Belitung doesn't provide public transportation. You can rent a car or motorcycle, but the best way to get around Belitung is hire a private car with driver. This city also has GoJek for short trip.


There are several hotel and resort in Belitung. I will mention four recommended hotel in Belitung. There are Sheraton Hotel Belitung, Hotel Santika Premiere Belitung, Swiss-Bel Resort Belitung and Fairfield by Marriot Belitung.

I stayed at Fairfield by Marriot Belitung for 3 Days 2 Nights. This hotel is oceanfront and the architectur designed like traditional houses called "Rumah Panggung". My room was right facing the sea.

View From My Room

The Best Spot From Hotel


The best way to get island hoping is join a tour. You can join the tour with private or Group. The tour will accommodate everything you need, the cost for private and group is different. Sometimes, the group tour will be less expensive than private. If you have extra money, I suggest you for private trip.

I choose private trip to got island hopping by Belitung Wonderful tour, it's included of boat, private driver, documentation, lunch and snorkeling gear. You can join an island hopping tour in one day.

Tanjung Kelayang Beach

If you don't go by tour, first you need to go to Tanjung Kelayang beach which is the port for rent a boat and snorkeling gear. You can ask the cost to the owner of the boat.


The island surrounded by granite rock that resemble an eagle. This one of an icon island from Belitung.

Bird Island

My travel guide said that only a few people and tour going to this island, well I think I was lucky at that time. He said that only 2-5 visitors in every trip who can going to this island, because I only with my husband so I can went to this island.

There was no one in this island, I was a little bit scarry but happy to saw beautiful island with the granite rock resembles a bird. I was lucky on that time, because I can across the sea which in the low tide to took a close look the rock granite which like a bird beak.

Lengkuas Island

The attraction of this island is a lighthouse. It built by Dutch from since long ago and until now this lighthouse still functional. This island is the best for snorkeling, you can see the coral reefs and lots of fish clearly.

Sand Island

This is one of my favorite island in Belitung. I love the white sand in the center of the sea, if you lucky enough you'll meet a starfish. You should come here early around 8 - 10 A.M and make sure the sea it's not in a high tide. If it is in the high tide, this sand will cover of water. So, you can’t going up here.

Make sure the wheatear is good, honestly when I got here the sky was partly cloudy and on the light rain. But I think , again I was so lucky at that moment.

Batu Berlayar Island

This is my favorite island number 2! I can't explain how beautiful it is, if you come to this island you can see every island right in front of your eyes on the rock. If you come here with kids, don't let your kids going up the rock alone, at least you hold them.

Tanjung Tinggi Beach

Do you ever watching "Laskar Pelangi" movie? It is an Indonesia popular movie. This movie is based on a novel by Andrea Hirata. This movie produced in 2008.

This beach is the location of Laskar Pelangi film site. I was amazed by the beach when I watched that movie, but when I got here it was really beautiful. The beach has white sand surrounded by the rock and have a turquoise color of the sea. You can swim here too.

How The Cost

This cost is for 1 Person:

  1. Airline Ticket Round Trip (By Citilink) : IDR 1.300.000

  2. Hotel per night (Fairfield by Marriot Belitung) : IDR 1.000.000

  3. 1 Day Trip Island Hopping : IDR 700.000 - 750.0000

  4. Airport Transfer Round Trip (Rent a car+Driver) : IDR 300.000

  5. Lunch & Dinner : IDR 50.000 - 80.000/Day based on Local tenant

  6. Personal Need : IDR 500.000

  7. Tip Guide : IDR 50.000 - 100.000 or more

Contact Person:

  1. Tour by Belitung Wonderful : +62 878 9911 2598

  2. Car rental : +62 812 7892 2778

Happy Holiday!


Ismi Aulia

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