How i met the destiny

What do you think about destiny? Is it something matter from God? Does anyone can build their own destiny? If you have something meant in your life and you never found it in whenever, wherever and whoever maybe it’s called destiny.

Back to 10 years ago. I met a boy in my junior high school in a small town. He made me so in loved with him. He was my first love, i never closed with him, he never called my name coz he never knew it. I thought we couldn’t meet again coz i had moved to bandung, my city now, but maybe it was called destiny coz 2 years letter my first love sent me a texted. I thought i was dreaming. We were have fun, he texted me everyday. He was lonely and broke coz he just broke up with his ex,i accompanied him. But not long after that, someone asked me to proposed went to steady and i said “yes”, so it’s over with my first love.

In 2008 i was being lonely and cold. I just wanted to saw a reached hand from someone. I broke up with my ex, perhaps it because long distance. Then my first love proposed went to steady me and he was my boyfriend. And i thought it was destiny. At first, he was nice, romantics, care and love but after 7months we went, he changed. I know everybody changed, but we could make it better.

Then in second years, it was 2010 he cheated from me. He found another girl, i didn’t know who she was. Maybe he was madly in loved with her, i thought that it was her destiny to found my love had a felt of her. But it didn’t work, my first love back to me again after 2 weeks we broke. Then we made it again better. Maybe it was my destiny. Then the next year in 2011, i thought everything went right. Suddenly, he cheated again with a same girl. I was so mad with him till we broke again, but not long after that we were back again and maybe god sent me still a destiny. Till in the next year 2012, i found a boy and hooked that boy. My first love thought that i was cheating on him but exactly not like that, i just used him. It was bad on me, but maybe it was a karma for him, maybe.

While i hooked that boy, my first love back AGAIN to the same girl like a couple years before. Do you know what the damn me? I just realized it was my fault,so he was back again to her. But i never realize that the stupid thing ever in my life, i could gave him apologize for so many times. In the next year 2013, everything was so hard and AGAIN for a hundred times, he called her again. A girl who ever cheated with him in my back. Obviously, i gave him apologize. But, i asked to myself “should i give up or should i just keep it?” And i kept it.

In 2014 the best times of wholetime. My first love changed, he was kind again and i thought he was back to normal. We were like a normal couple who madly in loved in the long distance relationship. But something change in me, i felt like he was not the one for me. I didn’t know why i thought that, it just came to my heart. But he was changing in many ways, i thought that he was really love me, but in fact not.

I asked apologize to someone who i ever hooked with in 2012. I just didn’t wanna had an enemy or hatter. Maybe it was my fault, i didn’t told this to my first love first, but i thought he would understand, but obviously he did not. He didn’t understand me and everyhting went wrong everyday, he was really change i thought we couldn’t make it again that time, then we broke up for the last time. Guess, i don’t back again to him again till this time.

Well, maybe it was called a destiny. God sent me the best person ever in my life, he was my first love. Then we made long distance relationship, but we couldn’t work. So where’s the obviously destiny? Well, this is the part of the destiny.

After i broke up with my ex who had with me in 6 years, suddenly i found someone again. I knew him long time ago before i broke up with my ex, before i hooked someone else and before i felt sad like it was. It’s hard for me to moved on from my ex, but this someone is very special to me. He was very struggle to saw me everyday which always cries and told again about my ex, but deep inside him, he just really want me. Be with me, he always work hard to make me happy,to make me smile and to make me forget the past. He gave me a lot of advices till i move on and forget about my ex. But the best part when you move on is you never give a shit whatever he do and whatever he is,that’s called one of destiny. But this is the real destiny…

The boy who made me move on, keep my smile still shine and who make me fall in love again is someone who i’ll marry with someday. He’s name is Aldy, he’s not my first love, he never text me for knowing me, he doesn’t far from my home and he always there in everywhere i am. We met at the campus in the first time, then suddenly he was being my friend, then now he is my fiancé. And do you know what the destiny is? It’s here.

God send me a nice and a perfect man in my life after i felt down so many times with the same boy, i thought he was far but in fact he is around me and so close to me. He ever with a wrong girl, maybe he was thinking with the right person, but he couldn’t make it. He saw me,fell in love with me, saved his feeling in 3years, but suddenly god give me for him. And i know, for the first time he said “i love you” to me, that was the first time my heart said “this is it,yours”. And that’s how i met the destiny.


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