Father’s Day

Being a girl who live with one parent is not easy. They have to face the truth in so many things difference. They should accepting their life as a not normal family,well it will going to break of heart.

Being a parents is not easy too,they should make their child to be something usefull to make them proud not only for them but also for all people. As a patents should know how to treat their child as a good one in every single days of life.

But being a broken home is extremely hard. The hardest part of this is being confuse in any situation that they will take. They still have parents,but they can’t choose the only one of them.

Iam for the example. As a girl,i thought in many ways to pursue my happiness. I don’t wanna be something useless in my life,but choosing one of my parents is really uselessness for me. I never get it to give one chance to my family,to my parents actually. I never wanna know with what happen todays.

I’m confuse to be a part of something i don’t want. Well,good to know is i still have parents,maybe in different way. If my father walk out my house,and never said “it’s over” to my mom,is it a broken home?

Father,it’s been a long time i don’t see you. I don’t know where you are. I know we are together in one company,but when i meet you why you just left behind my back? Are you scare of me? Is it something you don’t want in me?but i’m your daughter.

Why you feel like i’m a stranger for you? I really wanna ask so many things to you when we met,but unfortunately you use my co worker to be a thing which can be my anomaly,so i couldn’t reached you. Do you miss me,father?

We miss you so much,we miss we’re togehter. I really miss my beautiful life as a kid. Happy,fun,cherish by love but now,i think i lost everything. I could never be that one again.

Please dad,come home and don’t ever you go again and leave me alone. This is the last 4months i’m here. Not long after that i will move to my new house with my husband,will you go to my wedding as a father to marrying your daughter? I just want Allah see my father in Akad and make an ijab qabul with my next husband. God is the witness in my wedding.

So please daddy,come home. I want to feel your warm and love. If you still love me,please come back. Don’t ever you go again from here.


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