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An Eye Catching Scenery Ocean at Karang Potong Ocean View

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Indonesia has many beaches to visit. One of the famous beach is Bali, people from anywhere comes to Bali every years. This time I’ll going to tell you about one of The Beach from West Java located in South Cianjur.

Do you know Cianjur? Cianjur is a small town located in West Java near with Sukabumi. There are many attraction places that can be visited by tourist. Do you ever heard of Pangarango Mountain or Padang mountain? Both of them are located in Cianjur. However, Cianjur is not only surrounded by beautiful mountains but also beautiful beaches, one of the beach that I will to tell you is Karang Potong Beach.

There is a new attraction Place named Karang Potong Ocean View. This place is located in Saganten Singdangbarang , South Cianjur, Indonesia. The concept of this place is not only Beach, but also they have a Hotel, Camping area, Food Stall, kids stall, and a place for take a selfie or we called it as an instagramable place.


The location is far from Cianjur City. It takes 4 – 5 hours to get here by Car. When I went to here, I went from Bandung and it took 4Hour from Pasteur, Bandung. If you want to plan to go here by public transportation, I think it’s a little bit difficult. Because, when I in there, there were no one of public transportation. Everybody comes to here by a private car or rent a public transportation like a bus.

So I suggest you, if you wanna go here and you don’t have a private car, maybe you can rent a car or any public transportation which can provide you to go to Karang Potong Ocean View. You can find this place with google maps application.


If you only want to visit this place without stay at the hotel it will cost Rp.15.000/person on the weekday and Rp.20.000/person on the weekend. Operational hours from 9:00 – 19:00.


I stayed at the Cabin Room it cost for Rp. 700.000/Night. The Cabin room is the luxury of this place. There are Camping Area and Cabin Room only, but soon they will build a resort in this place. The room it’s not really big, because like the name is a Cabin. So the room it’s only fit for two person. The facilities of the room are Towels, Air conditioner, 2 bottles of mineral water, 2 cups instant noodle, electric cattle , coffee and Tea. This room can’t have an extra bed, it will be narrow if you bring another bed. If you stay in here, you will get 2 tickets entry to visit the attraction area. Unfortunately, because this is a new place, the room doesn’t have a breakfast. But don’t worry you can bring your own food or make a Barbeque with your relatives. I really suggest you to bring your own food. Because it’s quite hard for you to find the nearest restaurant, especially at night.

The bathroom is behind the cabin room. It is a share bathroom, but they provide you toiletries such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush. Unfortunately, the bathroom doesn't have water heater, so if you take a shower at night it will be colder. The water machine sometimes off, so you can't take a shower.

When I took a shower, the water is off. I tried to called the receptionist but they weren't at the office. So I called the technician, then they were helping me while I took a shower. This services it’s not really good for me, because it’s hard for me to reached the staff to helped me if I got problem with their facilities. The receptionists wasn't at the office at night, they went home probably. So, I didn’t know how to complain about my problem. If you stay here, just make sure your water still run.

Karang Potong Ocean view had took me like in Bali actually. Because this place give you an attractiveness with a beautiful sunrise, an unique area for take a picture, there are a lot a place for you who love photograph yourself because the building concept it’s like combine of some beautiful places in the world at the one place, such as Santorini Structure, Ubud atmosphere, some of the uniqe building like in a European , but the most eye catching scenery is an ocean view of Karang Potong Beach.

This Place is suitable for family, couples, or also group. You can bring your relatives to here just to have a picnic in the area and see the beautiful ocean right before your eyes. If you wanna go to the Beach, it’s quite hard for you I think, because the road to here it was being renovated, so the road still cover by a red land and it will be muddy after the rain. You should be careful if you go to the beach. It’s not quite safe for anyone.

You can’t swim at the beach, because it’s not safe for swimming. Maybe, because the structure of the sea is really near with trough. The wave is very strong, if you have a kid you should stick with them because it’s quite not a safe for kid. The beach have a lot of coral , it’s like a cut of rock. It was really beautiful. Maybe that’s why this name is Karang Potong, Karang Potong means Coral Cut maybe. Lol

So, the conclusion of this place is worth it to visit. You should go here , the scenery of the ocean view is the best part in here, especially in the sunrise. The ticket is affordable. If you from out of town it will be better for you to stay the night at the cabin,you can chill and relax in there, but like I said please make sure the water still run and you can take a shower in the cold water. Despite o this problem, you should still try to stay at night at the cabin room, the cabin room will give you the best view of sunrise in the morning.




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