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Do you ever feel like when you wanna go to somewhere but you don’t have enough money to get there?

I’m the one who always be like that…

So, when i was a kid when my friends were talking about dreamed,they were always said wanna be a doctor, teacher, dentist, and president also. But me, i always wanna travel the world.

I ever dreamed to be a broadcaster, because i love to talks, but i don’t know why something change me when i always saw the western movie. And i have a dream to go to london to meet Harry Potter(until now).

But unfortunately, to achieve my dream it’s not easy thing. I should have a time for travel,money and googling about the place what i want to visit. And it so hard for me to do. Why?

1. I work at one of the biggest company in the world. I don’t have a lot of time to leave,because i only get 7annual leave in a year. So that’s why i should take the holiday time. And unfortunately, when you wanna go abroad, you need minimum 1week for holiday. Because if i will going to London,US,Europe or mostly out of the asia i will get jet lag and it will too much take time in a plane. So how could i get 1week holiday event though i only got 7annual leave in a year!

I know 7 right? It’s kind of 1week holiday, but when you got jet lag it will be more 1week for that.

2. Even i work at a big company, and my salary is enough to buy a ticket flight, but…iam married. I have a lot of things to do, like saving money for home,my primary needs and holiday also. I have a bill to buy! So that’s why i should work harder.

Because the expensive you will pay,working harder you should take.

3.googling is the most fave things in my life. But in my office access for googling is limited, so that’s why i should look at my phone. But in my office, phone is forbidden at working hour, so i should wait until i go home.

But in fact, when i get home i probably sleep and forget what i should have done.

Okay, the conclusion is i totally freak out for this. It’s too stupid to say “i don’t have time for this” but the fact is time in my managment. If i can’t do something in a time, so maybe i don’t manage it well. Like now.

Who says when you get married can’t go to holiday. It’s bullshit. In fact is you can still travel the world with someone you love, someone you live for. But when you feel like you have to pay the bill, so you don’t manage your money well too.

And who says, in the office you can’t googling. It’s totally bullshit. In fact is, you have a time for break, so when the time comes you can surfing the internet. Or when you get back home, in the way before you arrive you still have a time for do that.

So, it’s not about time and money. It’s about management! I can’t manage it well. So that’s why i should starting with one thing. Make it daily routine in my life, like when i forget something i know i should write in the note, or if i have extra money i should saving it for next holiday, i don’t have to spare a lot money for makeup, clothes or going to cafe.

And remember, i am married. We both are work. So we both have money. We can still save extra money for holiday.

All i have to do is manage it well. Not only dreaming of something without doing a thing.

And remember, the more you save money, you will travel more…


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