Dear Robbie A. Kay

What a bless day, it’s such a great day and time for me. This is the right time when i could get you here without any longer to take place. Well, as you know i’m on #30HariMenulisSuratCinta and i’ll send a letter for you, my superstar!

Dear Robbie, is this your initial? You seems like a FBI from my heart. I know you as Robert Andrew Kay, but is it nice to call you with Robbie? I can’t call you like my boyfriend to call me, but Robbie is your beautiful nick name and i like it.

You’re the person that i couldn’t give a love but you can have my round in your heart. I knew you from “Heroes Reborn”, the first time i saw you honestly i couldn’t take my eyes of you,you’re so awsome!

Robbie, banyak hal yang perlu kau tahu saat aku memandangmu dalam layar kaca. Bukan hanya sekedar tampan yang aku lihat, tapi mengagumi adalah hal yang paling berkesan.

Kamu membuat pikiran ku seakan bermain dengan imajinasi yang begitu dalam, sehingga aku tidak dapat menafsirkan apa yang terjadi pada pikiran ku saat kau ada di depan mata.

Aku menciptakan imaginary boyfriend dalam pikiran ku saat aku melihatmu, aku mencintai mu walaupun kau sama sekali tidak mengenalku. Bahkan bukan cuma karena jarak saja kau tidak akan mengenalku, tapi karena profesimu yang membuat kita ada jeda.

Tapi mungkin ini memang sudah jalanku untuk memandang jenuh pada dirimu yang berjeda ini, aku hanya seseorang biasa yang mendambakanmu dari kejauhan dan mencintaimu tanpa harus menjadi milikmu.

Dear Robbie, i’m just an ordinary girl who mad in love with you, but you never do the same thing to me. It’s because the sky is blue when i sleep and dark when you awake. We’re too far, but it’s doesn’t matter i can still love you with all of my heart.

But when the time ask you to love me too..just hurry up come to my house and meet my parents to ask them that you will marry me..tell them that i’m your queen and you’re the king and we will build a castle together.

Oh Robbie, see that? I did a huge imagine about you again, how come you messing up my brain? Lol. You’re something that i can’t have but i can dream it. Coz, i like to dream of you close to me ^_^

-Robert Andrew Kay-

#8 #30HariMenulisSuratCinta


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