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Bandung : The Café and The Attraction Place for The Family Getaway

Since I was a kid , I lived in Bandung with my Parents. From my childhood life till Teenage life, I lived there. I decided to move when I was married , because my Husband and I workplace is far from Bandung. So, Bandung has put so much memories for me and become one of my favorite place to visit. The food, the ambience of the chill and relax places make me miss Bandung everyday.

It’s only take 2 hour driving from Jakarta, Bandung is become the best way to getaway place. My friend who live in Jakarta told me that she always take a trip to Bandung once in a month. Also, Bandung is a popular city for food, especially in street Food. If you ever heard Batagor? I guarantee that ones come from Bandung.

How to get to Bandung

There’re some way if you wanna go to Bandung, it could be by Car or Train from Jakarta.

By Private Car

If you going to Bandung by private car, you can take highway from Cawang to Pasteur. There’re so many highway exit to Bandung, but I suggest you to take Pasteur or Pasir koja because it is the nearest place to the City. If you going by car on weekend it could be traffic sometimes. So prepare yourself for this bad scene.

By Train

If you going by Train from Jakarta, it will take 4 hours from Gambir station to Bandung station. You can buy the ticket from PT.Kai, Traveloka or .

By Minivan

Besides, if you don’t wanna choose both of them, there‘s still minivan which can provide you to go here, there are so many minivan you can choose, because this option is the most favorite transportation that tourist took. There are some popular minivan you can choose such as DayTrans, Xtrans or Cititrans. You can check the ticket price on their platform website. As like the private Car, this one it could be get traffic too on the weekend.

I will mention some attraction places you can enjoy with your family or friends in Bandung.

The Great Asia Africa

The Great Asia Africa

The Great Asia Africa is the best way for you who want to feel the ambience of traveling to Asia & Africa Continents. This place provide a miniature of both continents. There are some miniatures from Japan, China, Thai, Seoul, India, Africa, middle east and Indonesia. The ticket price is Rp. 50,000 and it could change for welcome drink. This place is suitable for family, friends or Couple. There are so many photo spot you can take.

Address :

Jl. Raya Lembang, No. 71, Gudangkahuripan, Kec. Lembang, Kabupaten Bandung Barat

Taman Lembah Dewata

Taman Lembah Dewata

When you in Bandung, but you live in Bali instead. Like the name "Dewata" this place it looks like Bali, but it's not the point. Taman Lembah Dewata is one of the attraction place which form a park in the valley area. In this garden, there is a huge lake with the beautiful scenic hill around. Like I said before, the "Dewata" named it's because this place like valley for the beautiful goddess which can relax your mind and soul. The ticket price is RP. 20,000 on the weekday and Rp.25,000 on the weekend.


Jl, Raya Tangkuban Perahu No. KM. 3,7, Cibogo, Kec. Lembang, Kab. Bandung Barat

Orchid Forest Cikole

Orchid Forest Cikole

Orchid Forest Cikole becomes one of the most popular place to visit. This place will introduce the cultivation of orchids. This place is surrounded by pine forest and orchid. There are several attractions you can take like wooden bridge, outbound, camping and so many things. Also, there are a lot of photo spot too. The ticket Price is Rp.50,000/Person.


Genteng, Cikole, Kec.Lembang, Kab. Bandung Barat

Bahagia Kopi Café (St. Braga)

Bahagia Kopi

After strolling the city of Bandung, it's not complete without visiting the hits café in Bandung. You should try to Bahagia Kopi Café in St. Braga. This café has a vintage ambience and special food of Bagels. There are so many variants of bagels you should try. Not only Bagels, you should try the coffee too. As you know, this is the first time I visited Bahagia Kopi café and now it becomes one of my favorite café in St. Braga


Jl. Banda No.8, Merdeka, Kec. Sumur Bandung, Kota Bandung

So, what's your waiting for? Let's go to Bandung and try every attraction places and food.


Ismi Aulia


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